Copyright 2011 - Melcer COMPANY About us The company is activated in the provision of specialized services with advisory nature, in fields such as developing, designing and installing special high end technological equipemnt for the water neworks. Founded in 2001 it is consisted by well-trained professionals with extensive experience in the field of applied water technologies and highly skilled in new technological products and services. Through collaborations with strategic and reputable domestic and foreign partners, our company is able to provide integrated IT and communications solutions to meet any requirement of a municipal or private water supply and sewage company. Our aim is to inform and provide services of advanced technology in water resource management agencies such as DEYA, technical municipal departments, and other companies that engage with management of water supply networks and drainage. The company also offers development and exploitation planning of efficient function and computerization of the data recorded from water meters providing a complete solution that starts from the initial request by the consumer for temporary or permanent water supply, continues with the electronic collection of measurements and recording faults, and reaches through the adoption and monitoring of accounts.